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  • Model EL - Garden Kit

    Order Code 5679-01

    A simple test kit for soil science education or garden analysis. Rapid test procedures, diagrammed instructions, and laminated color charts are used to measure concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (15 tests each), and soil pH (30 tests). The Garden Guide manual and LaMotte Soil Handbook are included to interpret test results and give lime and fertilizer recommendation

  • Humus Screening Test

    Order Code 5012

    The importance of the organic fraction of the soil in affecting its physical and chemical characteristics and overall productivity is a well established fact. The LaMotte Humus Screening Test provides a quick and reliable means of evaluating the Humus or organic status of a soil and should provide valuable information, when used in conjunction with the tests for mineral elements.

  • Model TL-2 Turf Lab Field Unit

    Order Code 5414

    Ideal for Grounds Maintenance and Landscape Professionals

    Today's turf specialists have a great deal of new technology at their disposal. Developments in machinery, seeds, and turfgrass research have resulted in greater plant response rates and more productive turf management programs.

    The Turf Lab test kit offers a unique method for colorimetric analysis of turf soils.

  • Soil pH Test kit

    Order Code 5023

    The pH value affects all mineral elements and the biological processes made available to plants from the soil. Accurate pH testing is essential to determine lime requirements and to insure that a mineral-rich soil is also a fertile one.

    This soil test kit tests for pH levels using the Morgan method matching test results to color charts. Range and sensitivity is pH 3.8-8.4 in 0.2 increments (not for heavy clays).

  • Soil Texture Test

    Order Code 1067

    The overall texture of a soil affects growth in the root zone, which determines the above-ground growth production, and is determined by the fractions of sand, silt, and clay present.

    Method Settling

    Range & Sensitivity Determines sand, silt, & clay fraction, texture determined by chart

    Reagent System Dispersion, Flocculation

    # Tests 50

  • NPK Soil Test Kit

    Order Code 5880

    Safe, easy, and economical! Students can perform up to fifty tests each for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels using non-hazardous TesTabs. Each kit includes the necessary apparatus, simple diagrammed instructions, and a laminated color chart.

  • Soil pH TesTabs® Kit

    Order Code 5912

    TesTab® kit for measuring pH. Ideal for younger students and teachers who would like an alternative to liquid pH indicators. Ideal companion to Soil NPK kit (Code 3-5880).

    ◾Simple diagrammed instructions ◾Laminated color chart ◾50 tests for pH ◾Wide Range 4-11 in 1.0 pH units ◾Distilled or deionized water recommended