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  • GREEN Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit

    Order Code 3-5886

    A popular, economical tool for learning the basics of water quality. No other test kit on the market compares to this portable, easy-to-use water testing kit. Students will have fun analyzing sample water for eight different test factors: Ten tests per factor for pH, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, temperature, turbidity, nitrate, phosphate, and three tests for Coliform bacteria.

    WaterTest Products also have a range of Drinking Water Test Kits which may also be used for Education lessons click here to view

  • NPK Soil Test Kit

    Order Code 5880

    Safe, easy, and economical! Students can perform up to fifty tests each for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels using non-hazardous TesTabs. Each kit includes the necessary apparatus, simple diagrammed instructions, and a laminated color chart.

  • Soil pH TesTabs® Kit

    Order Code 5912

    TesTab® kit for measuring pH. Ideal for younger students and teachers who would like an alternative to liquid pH indicators. Ideal companion to Soil NPK kit (Code 3-5880).

    Simple diagrammed instructions Laminated color chart 50 tests for pH Wide Range 4-11 in 1.0 pH units Distilled or deionized water recommended

  • Lamotte Education Products Catalogue

    Order Code EDUCAT

    Lamotte manufacture a large range of Test kits and Educational resources for Schools.

    To download the latest full catalogue , click on the download datasheet to the right for your copy.

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