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LaMotte first introduced DPD into the American market in 1969 in its original foil package that required the user to carefully tear open a small pocket formed in the foil that surrounded the tablet. The foil strip had to be cautiously tilted to dispense the tablet into a desired sample tube. The new foil blister carries the customary 10 tablets per strip but in a more convenient and compact 3.25" by 1.35" size.

In addition to this significant packaging improvement LaMotte Company has also created a new formula for DPD that greatly improves disintegration rates. While the basic ingredients remain unchanged to comply with EPA standards, specialized processing techniques, and new ingredients allow the tablet to dissolve in several seconds.

Since DPD tablets are highly moisture sensitive a unique hybrid foil was used to create the specially formed blister necessary to protect the 3-year shelf life of the tablets and offer analysts the desired press-through feature. After the successful introduction of the new DPD tablet package in late 2004, LaMotte Company introduced the new blister-style package for numerous other test factors in the pool and spa product line.