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  • Storm Drain Water Monitoring Kit

    Order Code 7446

    The Model SSDK Detection Kit was specifically designed and manufactured to meet US EPA requirements for field test procedures approved in the November 16, 1990 Federal Register to monitor illicit stormwater drain connections. Each unit includes tests for pH, Total Chlorine, Total Copper, Phenols, Detergent surfactants, Color and Turbidity.

    The Model SSDK is packaged in a rugged portable carrying case for on-site use. Reagents are provided for 100 tests of each parameter (30 tests for Detergent).

  • Corrosion Control Kit

    Order Code 7436-01

    By determining corrosive conditions in water supplies, this test kit supports a water supplier lead in drinking water abatement program. Each unit includes tests for P and T alkalinity, calcium hardness, temperature, pH, phosphates, and total dissolved solids. Calculate saturation index by the Langelier method to indicate the corrosive conditions in water supplies. The Model CCK Corrosion Control kit is packaged in a portable carrying case for on-site use.