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Quantofix Peroxide 1000

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Quick and easy determination of peroxide

This test strip is ideal to test high levels of peroxide in solutions. The easy dip-and-read procedure provides reliable results within 15 seconds

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a powerful oxidizer, which is found in many disinfectants as the main active ingredient. In order to facilitate handling and save shipment costs, disinfectants come often as a concentrate. At the point of interest, they are then mixed with water to obtain the necessary disinfectant potency. The strength of the disinfectant is highly dependant on the mixture’s potency level. The higher the amount of disinfectant in the mixture, the higher the potency. Therefore, for different disinfecting purposes, different potency levels are required. The test strips are used to monitor the peroxide levels in a disinfectant mixture. Thus, the test strips can ensure optimal disinfection, verify required potency levels and check efficient use of the disinfectant concentrate.

With QUANTOFIX® Peroxide 1000 test strips, potency levels are monitored quickly, easily and efficiently up to 1000 ppm H2O2.

Type Semi-quantitative test strips

Presentation Tube of 100 test strips Color reaction white → brown Graduation 0 · 50 · 150 · 300 · 500 · 800 · 1000 mg/l H2O2 + Warning field