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WaterCheck Now Basic Kit

SKU: 3008


47 in stock (can be backordered)

LaMotte Company has developed an affordable, safe and reliable drinking water test kit to help users identify safe drinking water around the world. LaMotte has been a leader in water analysis since 1919 and has a strong brand identity as a high-quality global manufacturing company. The Water Check Now™ Basic, low-cost kit screens for 10 factors as well as total coliforms.

Kit includes:2 tests each for 6-Way Drinking Water Test Strips, Iron and Copper Test Strips as well as 1 test for Coliforms (Single Tablet in Tube), Water Sampling Bag and Dechlorination Tablet, a Color Chart, Analysis Results Chart, Diagrammed Instructions.

Test factors: Total Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chloramines (by calculation), Total Hardness, pH, Nitrate, Iron, Copper, Total Coliform.